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How often do you communicate with your team just to fix a minor usability issue? How much time do they take to decode this vague feedback? How easy do you think it is to explain UX or UI issues?

Providing clear and concise feedback to developers is challenging. The primary reason for this is that the issues you encounter might not be easily encountered by others, making it tedious to fully grasp the impact of UX issues through words alone.

So, what's the efficient approach for providing feedback to your development team?

To acknowledge and address the problems, one should directly interact with the software, record the feedback in real time or else that feedback is lost forever. — And here's why you need VignettePro.

VignettePro enables you to create feedback in video format. All you need to do is simply record, edit, and share. VignettePro transforms complex feedback communication into an activity so easy even a non-technical manager could do it.

Now, leverage one of the fastest and easiest video feedback tools.

How VignettePro Is Different From Other Video Feedback Tools

Exceptional annotation features for more memorable & actionable feedback

Usually, written feedback goes away too quickly as the visual context is not saved after a long period of logging in to the issue. However, VignettePro helps you provide highly visual and interactive feedback using our timeline editor, annotating features like text, arrows, circles, or rectangular boxes in just one simple click.

The 60-second feedback system

VignettePro offers a video recording duration from 20 seconds to 60 seconds so that you can give clear and concise feedback to software developers. Simply record the entire screen, a specific window, or an application and share.

Organize all the feedback videos so that you can come back whenever you want

Use our "Collections" feature to organize your videos into different categories. This feature helps organize videos and makes it easier for you to find and share specific videos with your team.

Share feedback with anyone in just a single click

You can share the feedback by simply copying the video's URL. The viewers can watch the videos without even creating or logging into the account.

Leverage our exclusive playlist for an informed feedback

Guide your team with informed feedback in a series of videos that are played in a sequence.

Record and share videos without even leaving your browser

Get a VignettePro Chrome extension to record your screen directly from your browser. This makes it easy to record and share videos without leaving your browser.


Integrate with Github, Linear, or Jira for a streamlined workflow.

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